Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Another day browsing the diet section at the bookstores, and I'm feeling dizzy. Perhaps because I've been surviving on Skinny Latte's and cigarettes for the past few days. I feel like a garbage receptacle. The post Christmas blues have gotten me good. Too many yummylicious canapes and far too much Champagne. The new year begins in t-1 days, and I vow to change things around. I've tried every single diet under the vacant London sun; from low-carb (successful, but piling them on like a double decker in the long-run), to low-calorie (sneaking into the fridge at 2 a.m for fudge cake) and even juicing (make sure you know where the nearest lavatory is). I'm just always hungry. Of course, there are those detox-delivery plans that are so.not.condusive during these economically challenged times, not to mention hefty supermarket lists that include obscure and bank-breaking ingredients. I'm not a big girl, but I could afford to lose a few kilos around the mid-section and most of the diet books preach to an obese audience, hence the "lose 20 pounds a month" catch-phrases. An average girl like me would never lose that much weight. 

It's late and Pizza Hut is closed, the T.V is on and I'm girl-crushing on photos of a bikini-clad Karolina Kurkova. Those curves! 
I hit the kitchen and all that remains is a lonesome container of Pot Noodles hiding on the top shelf. I boil some water and in two minutes, my £2 solution is ready. As I tuck in, I realize that I could never divorce carbs, or noodles for that matter and then, an epiphany! The Pot Noodle diet. It's cheap, and I could think of a million colourful ways to eat them. Stir fried, soupy, with low-fat cheese, and vegetables. It would be a low-calorie plan with a healthy balance of carbs, lean protein and loads of fibre. 

The pot noodle diet.
It's credit crunch chic.

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  1. What a fantastic, amazing idea for a blog!
    Whatever became of it?